Me at Rijksmuseum library in Amsterdam.


Hello! I am Tugrul Ates and I love technology, art, and everything in between. This website is my digital canvas, where I share my thoughts, creations, and experiences with the world.

My journey in the realm of programming began in 1994 on a Commodore 64, and I’ve manipulating bytes and pixels ever since. The thrill and enjoyment I discovered in those early days continues to this day.

Between 2011 and 2021, I worked at Google and Meta, contributing as both a software engineer and a manager. I take pride in the significant improvements I brought to the Google Play and Facebook apps. Today, I channel my energy into Roka Software, a company dedicated to enhancing digital productivity for all.

Digital art, animations, and photography are my sanctuaries of joy. In casual conversations, you may find me enthusiastically discussing the intricate spreadsheets I craft. My other pursuits include scuba diving, yoga, and my cats.

I enjoy connecting with people who share similar interests, even if they are dog people. So, if you find a resonance with any part of my world, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Commodore 64 BASIC screen that shows BASIC code for printing the text TUGRUL ten times.

Middle East Technical University Master’s degree from METU on electronics engineering, with research and publications in recommendation systems, image processing, and computer vision.2003‑2010
Scientific and Technological Research Institution of Turkey Researcher at TÜBİTAK, a governmental scientific agency of Turkey, where I developed AI systems for national-scale TV broadcast monitoring.2006‑2011
Google Software engineer at Google, optimizing costs for Ads, making Play more efficient and engaging, and building early versions of Stadia.2011‑2017
Meta Platforms Engineering manager at Meta, leading a team that significantly improved engagement, organization, and performance of the Facebook app.2017‑2021
Roka Software Founder of Roka Software in Amsterdam, creating products that I would personally enjoy using.2023‑now